Monday, March 22, 2021

The Earthan Being evolves.

The Internet is an electronic organism. Seeing an animation of its actual evolution (2003 to 2021) astounds me (link upcoming).

Beginning around 2003, the actual structure of the Internet at various days was computed, graphically transposed (for each computation), then merged this year into a time series which shows an electronic organism growing.

Wait a few seconds for the animation to begin itself:
the body of Earthan intelligence evolving.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

notes to the great silence

An ensouled singularity divines conceivability, anticipating
unborn songs.

Friday, March 13, 2020

for astro-science funding—then beyond

The following is a letter I sent today to David Overbye, the lead science writer at the NYTimes, in light of his article today, “American Astronomy’s Future Goes on Trial in Washington.” I’m posting this copy because it’s fun creative writing (below the “• • •” separation point in the letter), after a short wish that he do his best to inspire funding (text above the “• • •” point).

I’m commonly amazed that I often change my attitude toward emails that I’ve sent, several hours after sending them, and that happened today. Blog posting allows for revision that sent letters don’t allow, of course, which can cause unprovoked embarrassment, and did earlier today.

For this posting, I’m inserting indicators of what’s a reference to the article’s discussion which might be obscure for a reader here who hasn’t read the long article (which gets somewhat tedious in detail). But I’m not explaining those references, since that’s not necessary for the creative writing; and I have a link to the article above.

After the letter, I’m adding some further discussion, relative to numerical points that I’m inserting into this posting of the letter (e.g., “…[ 1 ].”) Those numbered points aren’t footnotes, exactly, but reference points for the short comments after the letter, which becomes prospectively imaginative.

Sunday, Mar. 15: I received a warm-hearted reply. But I’m still embarrassed that I actually sent this:

Saturday, October 19, 2019

now here this

I'm not giving attention to this blog lately, but this will eventually be
a major aspect of my online writing.  

The Plan is that my constellation of online projects will all eventually lead into a musing of my being ultimately in the condition of everyone: a short life in an ordinary galaxy speeding away from all other galaxies (though our Milky Way will fuse with Andromeda in a few billion years) in this universe that’s evidently expanding infinitely from a Big Bang that happened inexplicably from Nowhere.

There is that in this. And We will never know why.

“...this universe...”? A universe among others? (Is the especially blue area of the COBE image [near the center] another universe bumping this one?)

“...our Milky Way...”? Our Milky Way?

Hello, Silence, my old friend.


So what? We create good reason
to flourish, evolving
by design

I love being—despite ultimate mystery echoing in quantum foam.

Monday, July 29, 2019

transcendental techno-Earthanity

This posting has been revised in light of the astounding recent animation of the evolution of the Internet, and a new version posted:

The Earthan Being evolves.”

Saturday, July 13, 2019

a brief mediation in light of a fossilized skull
and a recent family photo

Dear man of the moon,

The summer fog over the S.F. Bay isn’t so low tonight that I can’t see
the emerald city across the way. High up, your three-quarter face emerges and wanes in the wind.