Tuesday, January 18, 2022

memo to the unresponsive gods

As You stay silent to We Earthans, I assume You can understand Us—so, me here speaking, writing as one of Us among You, uncomprehending how being among You goes.

Given Your silence, We here can only believe that intelligibility in itself comprehends Itself no better than We’re doing—or evolving to do, as if we’re the first form of life in the region to possibly understand being
a form of life in the region evolving to express intelligibility in Itself.

We’re the first ones who learn why vast intelligibility stays away? You:
master teachers letting newbies learn their own way to the peaks
without self-harm (not forever Sisyphean): It’s about achieving
the heights, gaining the capability to comprehend.

You stay silent while We children of the galactic region find Our own way into readiness for Your presence.

So, either We’re the first to say anything: that there is whatever; or
We’re not ready for You because we’re still evolving intelligibility enough to avoid blinding supplication.

Meanwhile, You patiently witness our plays of Time learning how
to conceive well enough.

We Earthlings don’t know what You are, but Our astroscience implies more and more that You are There.