Saturday, October 19, 2019

now here this

I'm not giving attention to this blog lately, but this will eventually be
a major aspect of my online writing.  

The Plan is that my constellation of online projects will all eventually lead into a musing of my being ultimately in the condition of everyone: a short life in an ordinary galaxy speeding away from all other galaxies (though our Milky Way will fuse with Andromeda in a few billion years) in this universe that’s evidently expanding infinitely from a Big Bang that happened inexplicably from Nowhere.

There is that in this. And We will never know why.

“...this universe...”? A universe among others? (Is the especially blue area of the COBE image [near the center] another universe bumping this one?)

“...our Milky Way...”? Our Milky Way?

Hello, Silence, my old friend.


So what? We create good reason
to flourish, evolving
by design

I love being—despite ultimate mystery echoing in quantum foam.

Monday, July 29, 2019

transcendental techno-Earthanity

This posting has been revised in light of the astounding recent animation of the evolution of the Internet, and a new version posted:

The Earthan Being evolves.”

Saturday, July 13, 2019

a brief mediation in light of a fossilized skull
and a recent family photo

Dear man of the moon,

The summer fog over the S.F. Bay isn’t so low tonight that I can’t see
the emerald city across the way. High up, your three-quarter face emerges and wanes in the wind.