Monday, July 29, 2019

transcendental techno-Earthanity

Here’s the Internet, 2015.

But to get a sense of the evolution of Our planetary singularity, see the 2003 version.

You can see, then, what I meant by “recursive” in my description of the 2003 image.

Those images aren’t drawings. They are computations of the actual Internet structure, transposed to graphical rendering.

The site that computed it ( is no longer online (April 2, 2019).

The colors indicate continental domains:
  • blue: North America
  • green: Europe
  • violet: Latin America
  • burgandy: Asia Pacific
  • orange: Africa
  • white: backbone (highly connected networks)

As you can see, the center of the Internet (the most concentrated netweaving), from which all else tends to connect, is Euro-northAmerican, so to speak—or north Atlantic, containing the backbone.

You can see a sequence of Internet complexity, 2003—2015 on the Time Magazine site. Click the image at the top of the article to go to a sequence of images, culminating with a dramatic “drill down” to the complexity of South Korea’s region (images 7 through 9).

Last here—but by no means least—is a stunning graphic about all the “stuff in space” that’s orbiting Earth (debris, as well as satellites). At finer grain level there (“+”, as with Google Maps), the orbits will show, and the continents show. The Earth can be turned by swiping the image.