Monday, March 22, 2021

The Earthan Being evolves.

The Internet is an electronic organism. Seeing an animation of its actual evolution (2003 to 2021) astounds me (link upcoming).

Beginning around 2003, the actual structure of the Internet at various days was computed, graphically transposed (for each computation), then merged this year into a time series which shows an electronic organism growing:

the body of Earthan intelligence evolving. (Click “Learn More” to see the animation.)

You can see, then, what I meant by “recursive” in my description of
the static 2003 version years ago.

The late-stage colors indicate continental domains:
  • blue: North America
  • green: Europe
  • violet: Latin America
  • burgandy: Asia Pacific
  • orange: Africa
  • white: backbone (highly connected networks)
As you can see, the center of the Internet (the most concentrated netweaving), from which all else tends to connect, is Euro-northAmerican, so to speak—or north Atlantic, containing the backbone.

You can see the complexity of the Internet as a couple of static images
at the end of the sequence of 9 on the Time Magazine site, which zooms into the South Korean segment at images 7-9. Swipe rightward (or click) at the bottom of the image at the top of the article to go to those images.

The Internet is the unfathomably complex electronic mind of
our species, ever evolving.

Last here—but by no means least—is a stunning graphic about all
the “stuff in space” that’s orbiting Earth (debris, as well as satellites).
At finer grain level there (“+”, as with Google Maps), the orbits will show, and the continents show. The Earth can be turned by clicking on the image, and dragging your cursor.
the image.

Is it any wonder that Absolute Others Out There may stay Silent?—stunned?: “The being’s evolution is accelerating.”

Or perhaps, We’re the First in Our galaxy, destined to Silently watch Absolute Others learn to do the same.